07 December 2023,   13:31
Senaki municipality Sakrebulo by-elections to be held on October 1

Senaki municipality Sakrebulo By-Elections will be held on October 1. Elections will be held in three election precincts, of the local majoritarian electoral districts of N64.04 using the majoritarian electoral system.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) adopted relevant ordinance on the appointment of the by-elections at the meeting held today.

Today, the CEC approved the schedule of election events for the elections. It also defined various important procedures related to elections. Among them, a competition was announced for the vacant positions of temporary members of Senaki District Election Commission of N64. Also, rules, conditions, terms, and other related issues for the selection competition of the members of precinct election commissions were defined.

It should be noted that by-elections will be conducted using electronic means, including verification, voting and counting machines. Audio and video recording of the vote counting process will be provided. Modified voting booths will be used at the polling stations.

We remind you that by- elections are held to elect an excluded member of the Senaki Sakrebulo. Vakhtang Tsurtsumia’s authority as a member of Senaki Sakrebulo was terminated before the deadline, on May 31.