28 November 2022,   22:53
Brave Turkish-Dutch woman chases away thief from bakery

Turkish-Dutch woman, Latife Peker, drove a robber away with only a tea towel and cleaning spray from a bakery.

The incident occurred in Mevlana Bakery in the Netherlands’ Deventer. When Latife Peker was behind the counter at her son’s bakery, someone with a hoodie approached the cash register. Upon realizing what was happening, Peker started hitting the robber with cleaning products. Taken aback, the robber had to flee when a customer also entered the bakery.

Those moments were caught by the surveillance footage, currently going viral, showing a robber with a knife entering the bakery around 7 a.m. and storming directly at the cash register. The robber tried to scare 47-year-old Latife off, but she grabbed her tea towel and cleaning bottle and started beating him. A few seconds later, a customer enters the bakery and kicks him out.