28 May 2023,   05:56
The International Congress of Literature will take place in Tbilisi

The XXIII International Congress of the AILC-ICLA, “Re-Imagining Literatures of the World: Global and Local, Mainstreams and Margins”, will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia [till 29 July 2022].

After Seoul (2010), Paris (2013), Vienna (2016), Macau (2019), the ICLA will, for the first time, hold its triennial Congress in Caucasia. The ICLA’s regular Congresses allow all comparatists in the world, working in many fields of Comparative Literature and from different perspectives, to get together, interact and exchange ideas.

The 2022 Tbilisi Congress makes a special effort to include early-career scholars with special sessions, academic and social events intended for them, as well as some new grants and prizes. The sessions and special sessions of the Congress cover a wide range of topics, allowing participants to move the discussion of the problematic issues of contemporary world writing into a broader international context.