06 October 2022,   10:45
Meeting of the opposition with non-governmental organizations has ended - Levan Bezhashvili makes additional comments

United National Movement is not going to join working groups with Georgian Dream. Levan Bezhashvili, UNM MP, confirms that the version was discussed in the party, but it was decided that they will be involved only in the committee format.

“Under the conditions of the Georgian Dream, working groups are ineffective and only aim to prolong the process. The opposition offered the ruling team a working format to fulfill the 12-point recommendations of the European Commission, namely an extraordinary session, which has been called since July 18 – they can appoint parliamentary sessions, where decisions can be made.

An institutionalized official format is also the committee meetings and we are going to work there.

As for other formats, we talked to the MEPs about it. According to them, getting involved in these formats is important for the process. The party will consider this and make a final decision in the near future. Most likely, we will remain in the official work format, which includes committee meetings and an extraordinary session”, - said Levan Bezhashvili.