28 May 2023,   17:13
Ministry of Internal Affairs solved the case of wounding and murder in Fonichala settlement - 2 persons detained

As a result of operational measures and investigative activities, the detectives operative main division of the main investigative division under Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested two persons.

Previously convicted and currently on probation - N.V (DoB 1999) is detained for premeditated murder on the basis of gender intolerance and the attempted murder of the family member on the grounds of gender intolerance and same crime committed against two persons, while previously convicted G.J. (DoB 1990) is accused of non-reporting the grave crime.

The investigation established that on July 19 of the current year, in the settlement of Fonichal, N.V."s mother - L.G. (DoB 1983) as well as the victim’s male acquaintance – R. M (DoB 1968) were wounded by N.V, who fled the crime scene.

As a result of the inflicted wounds, R.M. died in the hospital, while L.G. received appropriate medical treatment.

The investigation also established that N.V. soon after the incident visited his friend – G.J. and told him about the committed crime, although G.J. did not report the incident to the police.

The investigation is being conducted under Article 109, sub-paragraph "h", Article 19-109 (11), sub-paragraph "h", "k" and "l", as well as Article 376, part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia which implies premeditated murder committed on the basis of gender intolerance, attempted premeditated murder committed against a family member and two persons on the basis of gender intolerance, as well as non-reporting the grave crime.