06 October 2022,   12:22
Georgia’s reforms a focus for NATO membership - Jens Stoltenberg

Georgia’s main focus remains on reforms to move the country towards NATO membership. Such a statement made the Alliance’s Secretary General.

Jens Stoltenberg made the remark at a meeting with members of the European Parliament, where he answered a question by Lithuanian politician Petras Auštrevičius on the bloc’s “open door policy” for new memberships.

“Between the aspirant trio of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia and Ukraine the latter is the subject of the main focus of the alliance”, - the Secretary General said.

He explained the approach meant supporting Ukraine’s objective of existing as an “independent, sovereign state” in the wake of the Russian invasion, not NATO membership for the state.

“Any decision regarding new memberships in the bloc required unanimous consent of all member states, there had not been agreement among the members on granting the Membership Action Plan to new aspiring countries”, - concluded Jens Stoltenberg.