30 September 2022,   13:20
There was actually no logic behind the zeitnot, it seems that the European Commission has reconsidered all this - Irakli Kobakhidze

It turned out to be true what we were saying, there was actually no logic behind the zeitnot. Such a statement the Chairman of Georgian Dream made, while responding to the decision of the European Commission to consider the issue of Georgia’s status and the report on the fulfillment of conditions not at the end of 2022, but in 2023.

“This 6-month zeitnot was unprecedented in itself, no such a thing has ever been established for any country, I mean countries associated with a potential candidate. It was also unclear why there was a need to set a 6-month deadline for us.

It seems that today the European Union, the European Commission have reconsidered all this and in the end everything followed the logic we were talking about. There is no need for the zeitnot.

We have nothing to lose, sooner or later it will happen, it’s better to happen sooner. In 2023 the European Union will reconsider its decision and there is a very good chance that we will be granted candidate status.

We had planned to apply for membership in 2024 and expected to be granted candidate status in 2 years in accordance with the standard practice, but you can see it will happen sooner.

That is, we are already talking about 2023 and we hope that we will get the candidate status next year. Therefore, we have not lost any historical chance and this is a speculation”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.