28 November 2022,   22:07
New date for granting candidate status to Georgia - Brussels may extend the deadline for Tbilisi to fulfill 12 priorities

The European Commission will present a report on the priorities in the enlargement package in 2023 to give the Georgian political system “sufficient time” to “thoroughly work” on the priorities for the European Union membership candidate status. Such a statement made today a representative of the European Commission.

Speaking at a session of the European Parliament, Michael Rupp said the Commission would draw up the report at the recommendation of the European Council.

“The Commission approved the conclusion on June 17, then the European Council took into account our advice, and we are glad that Georgia has been given a European perspective and will be granted candidate status, as soon as a number of priorities are resolved.

We are, of course, very interested in Georgia working hard, deeply and thoroughly on these priorities. Therefore, after careful judgment, we decided not to rush the political elite of Georgia in their efforts to depolarize the country, to sit at the same table, to work thoroughly on reforms.

Therefore, as requested by the European Council, we will present a report on priorities in the enlargement package in 2023. This will give the political system of Georgia enough time to thoroughly work on priorities”, - said Rupp.