23 March 2023,   20:35
Communication Commission, Ministry of Education and UNICEF start integrating media literacy into formal education

The Communication Commission has initiated a process of integrating media literacy in formal education in partnership with the Ministry of Education, UNICEF and with the financial support from USAID to address the misinformation related to COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding the factors that contribute to the spread of misinformation and identifying the solutions to tackle this issue is critical to support effective public health responses and save lives.

At the initial stage of the project, media literacy needs will be assessed in school communities. In close cooperation with the Teachers’ Professional Development Centre, a media literacy education standards, a training manual, and a training module for teachers will be developed for all stages of a general education. Trainers from the Teachers’ Professional Development Centre and teachers will go through the training based on the new resources.

“Media literacy is one of the crosscutting competencies of the National Curriculum and it empowers children and young people to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and active citizens. Integration of media literacy in formal education will enable young people to be better prepared to navigate through the wealth of information they receive through various media. UNICEF is delighted to join efforts with the Ministry of Education, the Communication Commission and USAID to support young people in this important journey”, - Ghassan Khalil, UNICEF Representative in Georgia.

“The ComCom has supported the development of media literacy in Georgia for more than four years. Fake news is the biggest challenge of the 21st century and the modern world. The key weapon to counter it is a citizen equipped with media literacy and knowledge. I’m delighted at the opportunity to implement another critically important and efficient project in partnership with UNICEF and with the financial support of USAID. The project will certainly be implemented with the involvement of the Ministry of Education, to whom we extend our gratitude. In close cooperation with the Ministry, GNCC has already implemented numerous successful projects for teachers and schoolchildren in cooperation with the Ministry. However, the effort to integrate media literacy in formal education is of paramount importance”, - added Natia Kukuladze, a member of the Communication Commission.