28 November 2022,   22:32
This is a symbol of victory, kindness and love - Irakli Garibashvili wishes a Happy Kurban Bayram to muslims at Tbilisi’s Juma Mosque:

It is with deep respect that I join you in the celebration of the feast of Kurban Bayram. On this day, I sincerely wish each Muslim living in our country, our fellow citizens, a happy holiday, Georgian Prime Minister stated at Tbilisi’s Juma Mosque.

He singled out Kurban Bayram as a day of kindness and its triumph, a day of new life and hope.

“Above all, I would like to wish a happy feast day to your spiritual leaders, each Muslim, our guests from abroad, and representatives of embassies. Kurban Bayram is a day of kindness and its triumph, a day of new life and hope. Associated with these, it is a symbol of victory, kindness, and love. By joining you today, I want to assure you of my deepest respect for each of you, each and every Muslim in our country.

We Georgians are special also because we, as a society, are role models of tolerance. For centuries, adherents of different creeds have lived side by side in our country and this city, without so much as a single grievance or unpleasant incident. We respect the faiths of others. It is our duty to treat the faiths, creeds, and religions of others as equals. This is how I understand Christianity. This is how we understand being Georgian. As Head of State, I will do everything to stand by your community, your spiritual leaders, all of you, and our common goal and dream is building a strong Georgia, a strong state, and we are counting on you in this cause. Once again, I wish a happy holiday, and I wish you health, prosperity, and joy”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.

The Muslim community was also addressed by the Chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues, Zaza Vashakmadze, who wished them a happy holiday. The Muslims at the Juma Mosque were also addressed with a speech by Sheikh of All Georgia Ramin Igidov, Mufti of Eastern Georgia Etibar Eminov, and Mufti of Western Georgia Adam Shantadze.

The leaders of the Administration of Georgian Muslims thanked the Prime Minister for joining them in the celebration of the feast and presented him with a commemorative gift on behalf of the Administration of Georgian Muslims.

On his visit to Tbilisi’s Juma Mosque, the Head of Government was joined by representatives of the diplomatic corps.