06 October 2022,   12:23
Pro-European Union politicians to involve in fulfilling EC recommendations - Shalva Papuashvili

The European Council brought up depolarization to see a joint work of Georgian political groups, while the opposition’s opting out will affect our work. Such a statement made today the Chairman of Parliament.

“The legislature should work on EU recommendations and endorse the bills. The Parliament can’t pass laws without the Georgian Dream majority. I wonder what format the opposition imagines without us.

There is no chance of making any decision without the government elected by the majority population. Therefore, those distancing themselves from this process, distancing themselves from Georgia’s European future”, - said Shalva Papuashvili.

He responded today’s meeting on judicial reform rooted in the European Union recommendations for Georgia to get the EU candidate status later this year. Part of the opposition - Girchi, Citizens, European Socialists, For Georgia, and Republican Party Chair Khatuna Samnidze - plans to attend the meeting.

“Those opting for the European Union will involve in the implementation of the EU recommendations. Those rejecting to do so do not fancy the EU. The group created back in February would review the written analysis of the parties about the reforms, current challenges and ways to tackle them”, - said the Chairman of Parliament.