28 November 2022,   21:51
134th day of war - the occupiers destroy Toretsk with rockets

On the 134th day of war Russia fired missiles at the city of Toretsk in the Donetsk oblast. The explosion destroyed two houses in the private sector.

It is known precisely about one wounded person. Also, according to preliminary information, three people are under the rubble - a rescue operation is underway. Another rocket hit near the social object, but did not explode.

“Russia has turned the entire Donetsk oblast into a hot spot where it is dangerous to remain a civilian. I call on everyone: evacuate. Evacuation saves lives”, - said Pavlo Kyrylenko, the Head of the Donetsk military administration.

Resistance remains ongoing in villages around Lysychansk, where 15,000 civilians remain, according to Luhansk’s governor, Serhiy Haidai. On Telegram, Haidai said: “Today’s videos from Lysychansk are painful to watch”. He accused Putin’s troops of engaging in a scorched earth policy, “burning down and destroying everything on their way”.

Russian forces have occupied about 22% of Ukraine’s arable land, according to Nasa’s Harvest mission. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Nasa has been focusing on the impact of the war on the global food system. Its findings have revealed that Ukrainian fields where 28% of winter and 18% of spring crops are sown are under Russian occupation.