02 October 2022,   03:48
Moldova should be preparing for a hard winter - Natalia Gavrilita

Moldova should be preparing for a hard winter. Such a statement made Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita.

As she said previously, the Government is also preparing for the possibility that Moldova would have to buy gas on the market.

“Therefore, the government counts on support from its partners, including the European Union, which provided 60 million euros in budget support to the government in 2021 to overcome the energy crisis. The Government is also considering the accumulation of gas reserves on the EBRD loan.

Nevertheless, Moldova should be preparing for a hard winter due to high prices for energy, primarily for natural gas. The country should prepare for a difficult winter due to high gas taxes”, - said Natalia Gavrilica.

According to media reports, Moldova may be left without electricity in July, as the country’s contract with the Moldovan State District Power Plant in Transnistria expires.