10 August 2022,   23:23
The next six months will be an important opportunity to get started - Kelly Degnan

According to the US Ambassador, the United States is ready and willing to assist Georgia in any way it needs to implement the reforms it needs to obtain EU candidate status.

“Well, we know the government can move very quickly when it wants to pass legislation. We’ve seen that in the expedited legislation last December to abolish the State Inspector Service; you saw it most recently with the expedited legislation on expanding surveillance capacity.

So, we know the government can move quickly when it wants to. And we know the people of Georgia want these reforms to move through quickly so that Georgia can be ready European Union membership status. The United States stands ready and willing to help in any way to with this process.

The next six months will be an important opportunity to get started. There’s no time to waste and there have been many other stakeholders: the people, civil society, opposition parties, and some members of the government as well, who are standing ready to get started on these recommendations. Everyone wants to see a very positive report for Georgia by the end of the year - before that, if possible, but by December most certainly”, - said Kelly Degnan.