27 September 2023,   11:45
We will adopt new packages of support for our partners Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova - Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General said that alliance “will deepen cooperation with closest partners”.

“Our NATO Summit in Madrid this week will be transformative. With many important decisions. Including on a new Strategic Concept for a new security reality. A fundamental shift in NATO’s deterrence and defence. And support to Ukraine now, and for the future. Our new Concept will guide us in an era of strategic competition. I expect it will make clear that Allies consider Russia as the most significant and direct threat to our security.

Ukraine. This will include substantial deliveries of support. In areas like secure communications, anti-drone systems, and fuel. Over the longer term, we will help Ukraine transition from Soviet-era military equipment, to modern NATO equipment. And further strengthen its defence and security institutions.

At the Summit, we will also take decisions to continue adapting NATO. Including with a new one-billion-euro NATO Innovation Fund to invest in dual-use emerging technologies. And on climate change, we will agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions for NATO as an organisation.

We will also deepen our cooperation with NATO’s closest partners. I welcome that Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the Republic of Korea will join us for the first time at our Summit. Georgia and the European Union will also take part. And we will adopt new packages of support for our partners Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Moldova. As well as Mauritania and Tunisia.

We also aim to make progress on Finland and Sweden’s historic applications for NATO membership. While ensuring the security concerns of all Allies are addressed”, - said Jens Stoltenberg.