27 January 2023,   22:25
Today’s decision confirms Georgia’s EU prospect an irreversible reality - Ilia Darchiashvili

The European Commission had formally confirmed “for the first time” that the prospect of Georgia’s accession to the European Union was an “irreversible reality”. Such a statement made today the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“This recommendation contains important messages for all 3 countries. By granting the prospect of membership, the European Commission said today that Georgia, along with Moldova and Ukraine, is an integral part of the European family.

Based on the efforts and reforms carried out by the Government, the country had held high expectations, but it was important that the European Commission had openly stated its decision to open a European perspective for Georgia.

With this recommendation, the European Commission has for the first time formally confirmed that the prospect of Georgia’s accession to the European Union is an irreversible reality and that Georgia will definitely become a member of the European Union.

Georgia will continue to work on the agenda of our country’s ambitious reforms. As for the issue of conditionality, this is not new and there is a practice for countries wishing to join the EU. The Baltic countries also had a similar practice. Therefore, we will definitely continue to move towards our ultimate goal in this direction, and with our daily efforts, in accordance with the ambitious reform agenda, we will definitely lead Georgia to the ultimate goal, which is our full membership in the EU”, - said Ilia Darchiashvili.