21 September 2023,   15:43
Georgia’s application for EU membership, referendum in occupied Tskhinvali - Borrell focused on these issues regarding Georgia

We appreciate very much the vote [of Georgia] in the United Nations, knowing how difficult it is for you to be controversial against Russia. Such a statement made the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and European Commission Vice President.

“We share the concern of the Prime Minister about the referendum that we will consider illegal and we will not recognize. We will continue supporting the territorial integrity of Georgia”, - said Josep Borrell.

Speaking about Georgia’s application for EU membership, he said that it was a window of opportunity.

“This is a window of opportunity and this is our moment to accelerate reforms to avoid any kind of political polarisation, to continue pushing on the reforms - especially in the justice system. Because these are the issues in which, when the Commission will make the evaluation on the Georgia request, they will be taken into consideration.

So, this is a good moment to accelerate the reforms, because it is important to note that the reform of the judiciary for us is the cornerstone of all reforms. The EU is a political system based on the rule of law, on an independent judiciary, fully accountable and having the trust of the citizens. And we will request this to any candidate [country]”, - said Josep Borrell.