10 June 2023,   19:44
Saakashvili just has to obey doctors, this so-called problem, even if it is real, will be solved very easily - Mamuka Mdinaradze

I may not know some details, but as far as I am informed, Mikheil Saakashvili just has to obey doctors. Such a statement made today Mamuka Mdinaradze, one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream.

“On the one hand, the war and betrayal party offers his health condition as an agenda and thinks of many ways to solve it - treatment abroad, temporary transfer somewhere, etc. It is clear that the leader of this party blackmails them, by threatening that there will be no funding, if his issue is not number one issue.

Today, this campaign has intensified, because his release is directly related to the war. All campaigns serve to involve Georgia in the war.

If any of his party members are really thinking about his health, they should just advise him to obey doctors and receive what he can receive, instead of making shows with some fake campaigns”, - said Mamuka Mdinaradze.