10 June 2023,   19:27
Georgia allocates USD 7 mln, we continue providing assistance to more than 28 000 Ukrainians affected by war and currently living in Georgia - PM

Prime Minister of Georgia participated in a High-Level International Donors Conference for Ukraine within the scope of his visit to Poland.

“First of all, I want to thank Prime Minister Morawiecki and Prime Minister Andersson for co-hosting our meeting today, as well as the esteemed Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission. You have always been devoted partners of Georgia on our European and Euro-Atlantic integration path.

I want to mention that we of course condemn Russia"s full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, which is a clear and blatant violation of fundamental principles and norms of the international law as well as the UN Charter. The outcome of the war in Ukraine will define the future architecture of European security and lay the ground for the new security framework for our region and beyond.

The war in Ukraine has caused a major humanitarian crisis in the region and requires immediate action from the international community. My government has stood in full solidarity with Ukrainian people and mobilized our resources to alleviate the effects of the devastating war. We steadfastly stand with the international community in full solidarity with Ukraine and will continue supporting Ukraine politically and in practical sense, both bilaterally and within multilateral formats.

The contribution that has already been disbursed by Georgia is valued at 7 million USD and we continue providing assistance to more than 28 000 Ukrainians affected by war and currently living in Georgia. More than 500 tons of humanitarian cargo has been sent to Ukraine by air and by land. My government has been supportive to the displaced people from Ukraine through provision of accommodation, essential items, clothing, food, vital medical services, access to schools and kindergartens free of charge. We continue supporting our brotherly nation with additional 7 million USD by the end of 2022.

In addition, I also want to mention that our private sector, NGOs and individual citizens are also offering accommodation, food, clothing and other assistance to the Ukrainian citizens who live in Georgia. According to Ukraine"s National Post Georgia is the first among 191 countries in supplying humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Therefore, I once again want to say that unity of the international community in providing active support to Ukraine is a matter of urgency and necessity. I wish Ukraine and Ukrainian people peace and prosperity!”, - said Irakli Garibashvili in his speech.