21 May 2022,   03:50
Real threat from Russia discussed at the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Lithuania

Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani discussed the country’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration agenda, including the results of the Eastern Partnership summit held in December 2021,​​ at the meeting with his Lithuanian counterpart Gabrielius Landsbergis.

The close friendship between the countries and Lithuania’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity has also been reaffirmed at the meeting.

Zalkaliani and Landsbergis emphasised the importance of the visit considering the ongoing processes in the region, stating NATO’s open-door policy and the sovereign choice of countries to join the alliance will not be reconsidered.

Landsbergis spoke of the Russian aggression, saying “although today the threat is aimed at Ukraine, obviously, Russia"s goal includes Georgia as well.”

Zalkaliani said red lines for Georgia’s western partners are “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and Ukraine, as well as our free will to choose security alliances”.