21 May 2022,   04:23
Azerbaijanis pays homage to Black January victims

Today Azerbaijanis are paying homage to the victims of Soviet repression that claimed 147 lives on this date in 1990, marking the 32nd anniversary of a day known as Black January.

32 years later, the day is still remembered as residents of Baku gather every year at the Alley of Martyrs where the victims of the horrific events are buried.

“This gross violation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and other international legal documents, and which was one of the serious crimes of the 20th century by its essence and scope, had not received an international political and legal assessment. The former Soviet leadership is directly responsible for this crime. According to international law, the events of January 20 must be described as a crime against humanity, and its initiators and perpetrators must be brought to justice”, - reads the statement, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.