17 January 2022,   01:57
Noe Ramishvili’s merit to be exemplary - Irakli Garibashvili

Noe Ramishvili’s merit will forever remain exemplary for all who serve the homeland as the supreme goal, said the Prime Minister of Georgia in a statement dedicated to the birthday of Chairman of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia, Noe Ramishvili.

“Today marks the death anniversary of Noe Ramishvili, one of the most prominent architects of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, the first Chairman of the Government, and Interior Minister.

He, as the most authoritative politician of the first republic, and an uncompromising fighter against bolshevism-who was nicknamed Iron Minister-spared no effort for creating state institutions and ensuring the country’s democracy-building.

During my tenure as Interior Minister, his bust was unveiled at the Ministry, and a street was named after him, to honor the ideals of aspiring for a European future, of independence and freedom, to which Noe Ramishvili dedicated his life.

His merit will forever remain exemplary for all who serving the homeland as the supreme goal”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.