17 January 2022,   01:21
North Korea “bans leather coats so people can’t dress like Kim Jong-un”

North Korea has launched a crackdown on people wearing leather trench coats, it is claimed - with authorities claiming it is disrespectful to leader Kim Jong-un, writes mirror.co.uk.

Since the despot appeared on TV wearing a long leather coat two years ago, the look has become popular, insiders say.

In recent months Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong has also been pictured wearing one.

Now, the Daily Star reports, police are targeting people who sell the fashionable garments.

A resident of Pyongsong, a city north of the capital Pyongyang, told Radio Free Asia that the coats have grown in appeal this year after leading women, including Kim Jong-un"s sister and likely successor Kim Yo-jong, were spotted in them.