28 January 2022,   06:16
Georgia ranks 20th among World Bank member countries in 2021 Governance Efficiency Ranking

Georgia ranked 20th among the World Bank member countries and 21st in the world based on the global Governance Efficiency Index.

With 2021 Governance Effectiveness Rankings, Georgia is the leader in the Black Sea region and the Caucasus and outruns the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Israel, etc.

The Governance Ranking is topped by Estonia, followed by Ireland, Czechia and Finland.

SolAbility, a sustainable intelligence think-tank and consultancy, published the 2021 Governance Effectiveness Rankings.

In 2020, Georgia’s scored 75.48% in Government Effectiveness, which was worsened indicator compared to the 2019 ranking (76.92%), when Georgia received the highest score in this dimension year on year.