26 September 2021,   17:25
When the country imported over 2 million doses of COVID vaccine, it is absolutely unjustified to have another lock-down - Irakli Garibashvili

The Prime Minister of Georgia talked today about the importance of vaccination in maintaining the trend of economic growth, thereby noting that vaccination directly correlates with high economic growth indicator.

“Herewith, I wish to touch upon another significant issue, which directly correlates with the economic growth of our country. We made a solid decision and said that in the current circumstances, when the country imported over 2 million doses of COVID vaccine, it is absolutely unjustified to have another lock-down. We will put our economy on hold. It would be a wrong path to follow. Vaccination directly correlates with a high economic growth indicator of our country. We have witnessed a rising trend of vaccination in recent days. For instance, 20 000 individuals got vaccinated yesterday, but this is not sufficient. We should administer more every day to reach the benchmark. Our goal is to administer three million in the coming 2-3 months and it will let us sustain the high economic growth indicator in Georgia. We should not have another lock-down and avoid the same grave results experienced last year.

We will not defeat the virus with a lock-down. We may only defer it for a while, but ultimate victory comes with vaccination. I wish to once again urge our population to get actively engaged in the process. A lot of fake news is spread and plenty of unverified remarks are made through various means, including social media and television or other. We should listen to scientists and rely on science that created this unique opportunity and solution in the form of a vaccine. Overall, the country is experiencing a very positive trend. Businesses are attending this presentation and I know that their mindset is also positive. This trend is not accidental. It needs to be maintained and advanced further. The Government of Georgia is doing its best to sustain and strengthen the macroeconomic stability in the country. Main challenge is to reduce the external debt and current account deficit. Overall, management of this process is essential and we will succeed in doing it very effectively”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.