19 September 2021,   12:58
Vakhtang Gomelauri presented 10-year development action plan of the Ministry

The Minister of Internal Affairs presented 10-year development action plan of the Ministry. The presentation of the Action Plan was attended by the Prime Minister, representatives of the Georgian government and Parliament, diplomatic corps and other invited guests.

During the presentation Vakhtang Gomelauri discussed in details the projects planned for the next 10 years aimed at capacity building of the agency and its further development, as well as the ongoing reforms that are actively implemented.

“The reforms that we had to deal with contained huge responsibilities, obliging not only ordinary police officers, but leadership as well.

It is worth mentioning that we managed to implement important reforms. Even today, the process of capacity building of police and implementation of reforms is still in process.

The 10-year strategic vision of structural development, based on modern trends and necessities, implies further development of already reformed system, the main pillar of which is a decent, contemporary, future and development-oriented police force”, - said Vakhtang Gomelauri.

According to the Minister, for the next 10-year period:

- Police forces will completely undergo trainings, a large-scale upgrade of special material and technical equipment will also take place. Within the framework of criminal police reform, the separation of investigative, district and operative lines will be completed by 2025;
- Till 2030, the creation of child-friendly spaces in the police departments of large cities will continue, as well as creation of specialized units for juvenile affairs throughout the country, except for the capital;
- Crime alert application will also be introduced, enabling users to provide data on the fact of violation to the relevant unit of the Ministry openly and anonymously as well;
- In the nearest future, Patrol Police service centers will be opened in Guria, Imereti and Shida Kartli regions, important reforms are in progress in the service agency as well;
- An important place in the 10-year action plan is secured for the reform and capacity building of the Border Police, for which several important projects are scheduled. All border sectors will be fully renovated, the state border will be completely equipped with contemporary technical means of border surveillance systems, Coast Guard will be further strengthened. All helicopters under the ownership of the Border Police will undergo a major renovation and upgrade. It is also planned to purchase two new helicopters for the Border Police;
- All border crossing points nationwide, including cities and highways will be fully covered up to 13,000 cameras of general vision, as well with so-called smart, cameras with face recognition system;
- Till 2030, 150 fire-rescue points will be built and renovated in accordance with modern standards;
- Creating decent social guarantees for police officers is a priority of the Ministry - Gradual increase of salaries will continue within ten-year period;
- More than 60 new buildings have already been built for different departments of the Ministry. Infrastructure projects are still planned for the next ten years.
The following facility buildings are planned to be constructed in the future: 30 police buildings; 20 Border Police buildings; 90 emergency situations special points; 2 temporary placement isolators; 1 forensic-criminalistics building; 2 facilities of the Special Tasks Department; MIA archive building; 1 building of Migration Department;

In the end, Vakhtang Gomelauri has outlined the contribution of the government and international partners in the successful implementation of the Ministry"s projects and expressed his gratitude.