24 September 2021,   19:10
Ministry of Culture denies rumors on plans to demolish Museum of Fine Arts

The Ministry of Culture denied rumors on a possibility of the long-neglected Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts being demolished.

The agency rejected “false information” about the museum’s fate. They said that the allegations were attempts to “cover up grave conditions of the building caused by inaction” of culture officials during the United National Movement government.

Releasing photographs showing the grave conditions of the venue’s structural integrity, the ministry said the situation “reflects the circumstances” of those “responsible for the cultural monument” during the UNM government.

The Ministry also linked damage to a part of the building to the UNM-launched project for setting up a vehicle road adjacent to the museum “in a way that resulted in a part of the venue falling over”.

Responding to the allegations of the current ministry’s plans for the museum, the post said the intentions involved “saving the unique exhibits and not demolishing the museum”.