01 August 2021,   15:46
Biden says "I did what I came to do" in Putin meeting

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met Wednesday for the first time since Mr. Biden took office, at a summit in Geneva that the Russian president described as “constructive”, while Mr. Biden said he "did what I came to do", writes CBSNEWS.

Biden told reporters that Putin “knows I will take action” in working to stop Russia from engaging in malign activities like interfering in U.S. elections, engaging in hacking attacks, like those targeting SolarWinds and ransomware attacks on U.S. companies. Mr. Biden added Putin “knows there are consequences” and said Russia’s credibility “shrinks” when it participates in cyberattacks.

Still, when pressed by reporters on whether he was confident Putin would change his behavior, Mr. Biden said “I’m not confident of anything”.

The president also said Putin knew there would be consequences if jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny dies.

Putin, meanwhile, at his press conference, did not address Navalny by name, but said Navalny had deliberately broken the law and wanted to be arrested when he returned to Russia after receiving treatment in Germany for his near-fatal poisoning. Navalny, the U.S. and western countries blame his poisoning on Russia.