01 August 2021,   13:40
We see Russian aggression against its neighbors Ukraine and Georgia - Jens Stoltenberg

Arriving at the NATO Summit, Secretary General said that the meeting would be a pivotal moment for the Alliance and a time to “open a new chapter in our transatlantic relations”.

Jens Stoltenberg laid out a full agenda for the meeting, including NATO’s relations with Russia, which he said were “at its lowest point since the Cold War because of Russia’s pattern of aggressive behaviour”, as well as China, which offers opportunities but “also poses some challenges to our security”.

“We see Russian aggression against its neighbors Ukraine and Georgia, poisoning, as well as cyber attacks, including against NATO members, and this is what has led to the deterioration of relations between Russia and NATO.

Our relations are at the lowest level since the end of the Cold War. But NATO is adapting. We are strengthening our collective defense and increasing our defense funding. NATO was trying to enter into a dialogue with Russia and that is why the Alliance welcomes the planned Biden-Putin meeting”, - added Secretary General.