29 July 2021,   16:17
Beneficiaries contact the Public Defender’s Office and tell us sad stories - Ombudsman on Ninotsminda boarding school

UNDP Acting Head Anna Chernyshova met Public Defender Nino Lomajria. During the meeting Chernyshova expressed hope that the Ombudsman, based on constitutional rights and duties, will be fully involved in resolving worrying developments surrounding the Ninotsminda Boarding School.

Chernyshova noted that all related decisions must be taken and implemented by the respective authorities based on fundamental human rights principles.

Georgian Public Defender Nino Lomjaria says that Ninotsminda boarding school beneficiaries contact his office daily, telling them sad stories.

Besides, Nino Lomjaria said today that some people, including the clergy, pile pressure on children who talked about their hard lives publicly. According to the Ombudsman, the Government has to undertake the responsibility for the boarding school-related developments.

The Public Defender emphasized that investigative bodies have to look into the case and resolve issues related to it in the shortest possible time.

“Despite some clergyman’s words, I reiterate that the government has to assume the responsibility and make the corresponding decision”, - added Nino Lomjaria.