23 April 2021,   21:15
We will resolutely guard against and deter external forces’ interference in the city - the Prime Minister of China

Beijing on Friday proposed changes to “improve” Hong Kong’s electoral system - a widely anticipated move as China tightened its hold on the semi-autonomous region, writes CNBC.

Before the proposal was announced, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said at the start of China’s annual “Two Sessions” parliamentary meeting that the country will “resolutely guard against and deter external forces’ interference” in the city.

The proposed changes include adjusting the size, composition and formation of Hong Kong’s election committee, which selects the city’s leader or chief executive, said state media Xinhua.

Beijing also wants to expand the committee’s function to include electing a “relatively large share” of Hong Kong’s legislative body, and nominating candidates for the body, said Xinhua.