07 March 2021,   21:24
Everything should be done to resume tourism in summer - Giorgi Gakharia

The Prime Minister of Georgia said today that everything should be done to resume tourism in summer.

“You may well be aware that we do not intend to continue with a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), thus being able to resume international air flights. At the same time, everyone should understand it well that we should all together do our best in a consistent manner to safeguard and resume the tourism in summer.

We all see what is happening at ski resorts. This is most saddening. We all understand it well that it is very hard on the sector of tourism and people that have businesses in Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia or Goderdzi. Current situation there has been conditioned by our intention to ultimately make the sector sustainable in the long-run by pursuing consistent economic recovery policy, avoiding short-term impulsive decisions. By doing so, we are safeguarding those economic opportunities that will lead to a quick recovery for summer. This approach is grounded on a new scheme of testing and active advancement towards this end in the first instance, as well as vaccination opportunities not only in Georgia, but globally”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.

He also stated that the country has a small, but profoundly open economy, thereby being an integral part of the global economy and no single country on its own may cope with this economic crisis.

"We all need to make sure that effective and efficient use is demonstrated towards opportunities arising in the nearest future by an accurate management of the epidemic and slow down of the community transfer rate in the first instance, followed by vaccination opportunities. We all need to be united in this effort. Natia Turnava, Maya Tskitishvili, Ekaterine Tikaradze and other colleagues will start holding a series of meetings with representatives of the tourism sector to make sure that protocols get agreed on the operation of this sector, along with stages and linkages between casualties and results of our efforts directly related to the community transfer rate”, - added the Head of the Government.