26 February 2021,   22:35
Mexico stops truck carrying migrants from Central America

Nearly 130 migrants from Central America were discovered in the back of a shipping truck in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz after officials heard pounding and screams for help, Mexico’s National Guard said, writes Reuters.

The driver of the truck was pulled over for not using a seatbelt on a highway in the southern part of Veracruz, the National Guard said in a statement.

After hearing cries for help, officials opened the back of the vehicle to find 128 men, women and children crowded in „inhuman conditions“ that were inadequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to the statement.

It added that the driver had been arrested.

The incident occurred days after the latest major U.S.-bound caravan of nearly 8,000 migrants was broken up by officials in Guatemala after it crossed into the country from Honduras.