25 February 2021,   12:09
Perhaps Vashadze and other opposition leaders are being blackmailed - Aleko Elisashvili

The leader of the Citizens party would not exclude that some opposition party may have damaging information against Giorgi Vashadze or others and used it to influence their stance.

“We offer the opposition parties to meet and talk about the use of the results of the self-government elections as a plebiscite for appointing elections in 2022, which would be a solution for everyone and which would ease the situation.

We want to talk about this, not something special. The meeting had been agreed, Vakho Megrelishvili [the Girchi party] had agreed with [Giorgi] Vashadze and this meeting should have been held today. Vashadze liked the idea of the meeting, but he changed his mind in two days. We are ready to meet Vashadze in any format, and the only precondition is that the meeting should take place in front of the cameras”, - said Aleko Elisashvili.