25 February 2021,   11:39
Enguri hydro power plant closing for 3 months for repairs

Starting January 20 the Enguri hydro power plant (HPP) will be closed for repairs for three months. According to the Minister of Economy, while the dam is closed Abkhazia will receive electricity imported from Russia.

“Shutting down the Enguri HPP will not damage our energy system, as seasonal production is minimal at this time. As for how Abkhazia will be supplied with electricity during this period, it has already been announced that they will receive imported electricity from Russia and the payment is made by them, meaning that we do not participate in this process”, - said Natia Turnava.

Renovation of the Inguri HPP tunnel was postponed 3 times: first, the repair was planned for 2018, then for 2019. The next deadline was set for March 2020.