16 January 2021,   20:03
Boycotting parliament by opposition is a radical step and excess reaction - Linas Linkevičiu

Boycotting parliament by the opposition is a radical step and excess reaction. Such a statement made Linas Linkevičius, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania.

“2020 elections were held in line with standards, generally, through there were faults, which should be corrected. Now it is important to move forward and fix the problems. This is important for Georgia, as it is now a crucial period on the path to integration and reforms with the West. It is therefore important to maintain resilience and move forward. In general, the assessment of the elections in Georgia is more or less uniform. Lithuania is no exception.

We understand that there is dissatisfaction, at least, we can say that the political conflict continues, but the measures must be adequate and we would not recommend a boycott of the Parliament. On the whole, it undermines the process”, - added Linkevicius.