26 November 2020,   00:39
EU: A team of European diplomats will observe the 2020 parliamentary elections

EU Ambassador has released a statement relating to the 2020 parliamentary elections of Georgia. The ambassador notes that the election day the EU will take on an unprecedented role to carry out a diplomatic watch.

“In less than two days, Georgians will go out to cast their votes in important parliamentary elections. The preparation for these elections has been unusually difficult due to the global pandemic situation. Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been working to make sure that these elections to be carried out in a safe manner.

The European Union has been engaged from the start including to facilitate the 8 March agreement which have set more equal opportunities through a new election system for this elections. We have also taken part in the negotiations on the electoral code and we have been following the campaign very closely so far.

On election day we will take on an unprecedented role to carry out a diplomatic watch: together with our Member States and European partners, we will be assembling no less than 70 teams which will be visiting some 1000 polling stations on election day throughout the country.

This is what the teams look like, and as you can see they will be adhering to the same high standards of the anti-Covid rules that need to apply for everyone during these elections.

Our efforts are aimed to support the OSCE/ODIHR mission. And we will be working together also with local observers here”, - reads the statement.