26 November 2020,   00:46
Elections Are Safe! – the CEC Chairperson appeals to voters to be active

31 October 2020 is an important day for Georgia. On this day, citizens of Georgia will elect parliament of 10th convocation based on the new electoral system. Such a statement made today the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission.  

“I would like to underline that voting is safe even amid pandemic as we follow all recommendations for the safety of your health. 

The health of voters and other electoral stakeholders is a top priority for the CEC. The Election Administration (EA) with the support of international partners, overcame all challenges which coronavirus pandemic put on the agenda. Therefore, the EA will ensure that voters make their own choices in a free, transparent, and safe environment. On 31st of October all those preventive measures will be implemented in polling stations to prevent the spread of the infection. 

It is also noteworthy that voters will stay in a polling station for a short amount of time which is regarded as less risky in terms of health. 

3 657 polling stations are open throughout the country for the 31 October elections. I wish to emphasize that the electoral process in the aforementioned polling stations will be administered independently and will have no bearing with election activities that provide services to risk group voters. Moreover, 127 special electoral precincts were established for voters placed in medical institutions, quarantine, and self-isolation. Ensuring the polling as well as vote counting in mentioned precincts will be carried out separately by a special group. 

We should all remember that the will of voters is crucial and their choice is the command! Therefore, I would like once again to call on voters to be active and tell them that voting is safe for their health”, - says Tamar Zhvania.