02 December 2020,   17:56
Police monitors the enforcement of recommendations imposed against the spread of COVID-19 disease in agrarian and open-air market venues

Officers of the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as regional police units, continue to intensively monitor the enforcement of rules and recommendations imposed against the spread of COVID-19 in the areas of agrarian and open-air markets.

To protect the safety of citizens, the Ministry of Internal Affairs monitors the proper wearing of masks by citizens at the entrances of agrarian and open-air markets, as well as inside of the mentioned venues. Police officers also monitor the enforcement of the rules in force to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Law enforcers are intensively patrolling the agrarian markets in the capital and the big cities of the country in order to ensure public order and security.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on all citizens to keep social distance, wear masks in a proper way and follow instructions of the police.