24 July 2021,   17:51
13 injured after boat explodes docked near Fort Lauderdale marina

Good Samaritans came to the rescue of nearly two dozen passengers and crew members after a boat docked near a Fort Lauderdale marina burst into flames, leaving 13 people injured.

Fort Lauderdale Police and Fire Rescue responded to the area of Southwest 20th Street and 15th Avenue, near the Fort Lauderdale Marine Center, just north of State Road 84, at around 2 p.m., Thursday.

“We got initial reports of multiple individuals in the water with civilian boats in the area rescuing people that were burned and bringing them to the seawall for care”, - said FLFR Battalion Chief Stephen Gollan.

7Skyforce captured heavy smoke and flames coming from the 41-foot vessel docked at a canal next to a construction site. Several fireboats could also be seen arriving at the scene. Rescue officials confirmed there were 21 people on board the boat when it exploded.