25 October 2020,   12:09
Georgian authorities have carried out a number of reforms, which are highly commanded by international partners - Giorgi Gakharia on a meeting with David McAllister

EU-Georgia strategic partnership, progress attained towards the European integration, country"s success in the fight with COVID-19, election system reform, parliamentary elections scheduled for October 31 and current situation in the occupied regions of the country were among the key issues discussed by and between Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia and MEP David McAllister, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

According to the Head of Government of Georgia, European integration and ultimate membership in the European Union is an unwavering will of the Georgian people. He also stated that Georgian authorities have carried out a number of significant reforms on the path of its democratic advancement and institutional building, which is highly commanded by its international partners.
Discussion at the meeting held today touched upon the fight with the pandemic and the most significant financial support of the EU in this regard. The Prime Minister of Georgia expressed his gratitude to the European partners for standing by Georgia.

Discussions were also related to a new, strategic role of the country within the Black Sea region and significance of practical tools to be found for a greater physical integration with the EU.

Parties focused on the implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement with a Deep and Comprehensive, Free Trade Area, along with a need to fully utilize the available potential.

Also, attention was paid to the election system reform implemented in Georgia, which will boost the degree of democracy in the country. According to the Head of Government of Georgia, general elections scheduled for October 31 will be held in compliance with the highest standards, in a free, fair and transparent environment. The Prime Minister of Georgia underlined that the Government is inviting observers from the European Parliament and fully ensures their operation in a safe and sound environment.

Dignitaries spoke about the grave humanitarian condition witnessed in the occupied territories of Georgia, along with a peace initiative of the Government of Georgia. The Prime Minister stressed the need for an intensified role of the EU in the process of Geneva talks to make sure that international discussions become further more effective. MEP David McAllister reassured the visiting official in the unwavering and steadfast support of the European Parliament towards the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, as well as in its European integration and democratic advancement.

Meeting held today at the European Parliament was attended by David Zalkaliani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and NatiaMezvrishvili, Head of Government Administration.