25 October 2020,   11:52
Five opposition parties signed the third part of agreement

Five opposition parties - Girchi, European Georgia, United National Movement, Strategy Aghmashenebeli and United Georgia signed the third part of the agreement between the opposition.

The opposition parties said the agreement encompasses a number of planned reforms that will be carried out if they come to power after the October 31 parliamentary elections.

As per the agreement, the opposition aims to carry out reforms in three domains: land ownership, education and the size of the government.

“Opposition manages to reach an agreement on the fundamental reforms that the country desperately needs. First and foremost, these are economic and education reforms. These are the two most important directions and this is the preparation for the new generation of coalition government to come to power. We won’t be looking for new solutions once we come to power - because we know from today that there should be more decentralization in education, teachers should be valued, freed from political pressure. People need to register property. People should not have a problem with land registration, etc. The main and fundamental thing is that we are the people who are together for the benefit of the population”, - said Giorgi Vashadze, the Leader of Strategy Aghmashenebeli.

This is a third agreement signed by the opposition parties, facilitated by the National Democratic Institute, a U.S.-based non-profit, following March 13 agreement on judicial system reforms and September 16 agreement on reforming state bodies, involving Interior Ministry, Prosecutor’s Office, and the State Security service.