28 October 2020,   09:39
We are introducing the Bill granting parliamentary and administrative status to Kutaisi - Roman Gotsiridze

The National Movement has registered the Bill which envisages granting a special status to Kutaisi”, said today the Chair of the faction Roman Gotsiridze.

“We’ve witnessed Kutaisi’s broken dreams - all what happened to the city and the unique building of the Parliament which is on the verge of the imminent collapse and the area around is deteriorated. In order to avoid the like acts by any party, we are introducing a Bill, which grants the parliamentary and administrative status to Kutaisi, envisages relocation of state institutions to Kutaisi and ensures a greater economic freedom. Kutaisi will become a stimulus for the development of the region. This Bill will become the cornerstone for the economic and political development of western Georgia.

This will become one of the important parts of the election program of the UNM and its single mandate candidate MP Grigol Vashadze in Kutaisi. This is to prepare the legal basis for the fulfillment of his commitment to the public. Vashadze has repeatedly stated about it and today we are already starting this process. From the next sitting of the Bureau, this process will be given the legal commencement and this Bill will come into force as soon as we come to power”, - said Roman Gotsiridze.