01 October 2020,   23:37
We will have many questions to Prosecutors – Bachaliashvili’s family lawyer

Tamar Bachaliashvili’s family and a lawyer are at the General Prosecutor’s Office.

According to Mikheil Ramishvili, before the meeting with Irakli Shotadze, he has a lot of questions about the case and hopes that the meeting will not end in a few minutes.

“I will not specify the requirements. First of all, Tamar Bachaliashvili"s mother, Teona Tamazashvili, will ask why the Prosecutor asked unethical questions about the journalist and me. I am defending the interests of the victim. This environment and background are psychologically unacceptable. I will have more business-like questions with Irakli Shotadze and demand the case’s materials”, - said Mikheil Ramishvili.