30 September 2020,   10:09
Belarus to release all detained protesters - Interior Ministry

Belarus government started releasing the detained prisoners to declare peace between the government and the citizens. The prisoners had been detained while protesting against Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko’s rule.

The prisoners were released in the early hours of Friday and were greeted with friends and family who welcomed the detainees with tears, hugs, blankets, water and food.

The government also took responsibility for the violence that erupted during the protests. “I take responsibility and apologise for injuries of random people at the protests who got it in the neck”, - said Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Karayev.

The statement came after thousands of detained protestors complained of mistreatment in the cramped-up holding cells. Out of 6 700 detained protestors, hundreds of them came out with bruises over their bodies and face. Some of the detainees claimed they were beaten up after being dragged out of their cells.

The Head of a national state council Natalya Kochanova, announced that the President had called for a review for the detentions made.