20 January 2021,   02:09
This is a direct bribery of a voter, with our own money - Roman Gotsiridze on the Government’s anti-crisis plan

This is a direct bribery of a voter, with our own money. Such a statement made the chairperson of the faction United National Movement while commenting on the Government’s anti-crisis plan.

“Most of the recipients will be Georgian Dream assets and their coordinators. At the same time, they will pressure people and provide GEL 300 assistance if they work at the ruling party election headquarters. It is direct bribery of the voters. The Government is manipulating using money. Why not give this money when people in quarantine were on the verge of starvation? Where is the GEL 133 million that a business has contributed to the COVID Foundation?

It has been announced that Ivanishvili and businessmen’s money close to them will be spent on aid. It is also one of the forms of bribery. The money that the Government is issuing is foreign debt, and we will have to pay for it. We are the only country that has given nothing away.

As a result of our pressure assistance got provided to the self-employed as well as covering utility bills. It is announced that the same actions will be repeated in the winter, but this government will not be in the winter, we will be, and the society will see what real support means”, - concluded Roman Gotsiridze.