05 August 2020,   17:27
Allegations that changes in Electronic Communications Law concern media are false - Communications Commission

Allegations that changes in Law on Electronic Communications concern media and broadcasters are false. Such a statement released by the Communications Commission.

“In order to tackle the flaws in the legislature about managing critical infrastructure, new changes are to be made in the Law on Electronic Communications.

According to the draft law, the changes in the mechanisms of effective execution concern only authorized persons who own critical infrastructure. In the field of electronic communications, the following list of infrastructures is deemed as critical - optical-fiber cable, operations technical resources, resources needed for general electronic communications which ensure fixed internet and mobile services.

With regards to the change in Law on Broadcasting, it only concerns the ensuing adjustment of change in Law on Electronic Communications. The aforementioned change is stipulated in the Association Agreement with the EU under the paragraph 6 of the Article 105”, - reads the statement.