26 November 2020,   08:49
The March 8 agreement must be fully implemented - opposition parties

Opposition parties, who participated in the election talks with the Georgian Dream, continue to demand the ruling party fully abide by the March 8 agreement and release of co-founder of Mtavari Arkhi Giorgi Rurua

The statement of 18 parties comes after the opposition’s refusal to vote for the constitutional amendments on June 29. The opposition, who supported the changes, said that they did not participate in the vote because Giorgi Rurua remained “illegally detained” for alleged illegal possession of firearms.  

In today’s statement the opposition says that the ruling party was forced to adopt the changes because of the pressure by the Georgian people, the international community and the unity of the opposition. 

The release of Rurua is a major issue for the people for whom the rule of law is crucial in the country, reads the statement.