28 November 2021,   22:20
You give the Government the right to seize property – the initiative of Georgian Dream is unacceptable to Roman Gotsiridze

The draft law that allows the Government to take restrictive measures without declaring a state of emergency in the country is a serious weapon in the hands of the Government and it can use it as the tool to restrict the citizens’ constitutional rights. Such a statement made today Roman Gotsiridze, the Chairman of the National Movement faction.

He talked about this issue during the sitting of the Bureau of the Parliament.

“The Parliament will be removed from making the most important and at the same time very risky decisions for the country. In fact, the Government will be given the right to restrict movement, to shut down all sectors of the economy, to lock people in homes, to seize property, to abolish constitutional rights of citizens to assemble and the freedom of expression, to shut down cities, and to do it without even asking the Parliament.

The Parliament gives the Government unlimited rights. All the rights that required approval by the Parliament in a state of emergency.

This is a dictatorial law. It will be an instrument of repression and political persecution, restriction of human rights in the hands of the government”, - concluded Roman Gotsiridze.