05 December 2021,   12:16
Ministry of Internal Affairs releases statement and video on the incident on Nikea Street in Kutaisi

Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched investigation regarding the incident on Nikea Street, Kutaisi under the article 353 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, envisaging resistance to law enforcers with the aim to interfere in ensuring public order.

At this moment, operative-investigative-search activities are being held in order to locate and detain I.J. who is a participant of the mentioned incident and currently on probation for robbery. Officers of Kutaisi police division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in order to enforce the state emergency regime regulations, were patrolling the streets during the curfew, when they noticed a citizen near the residential building, who violated terms of the imposed restrictions (curfew hours). Police officers gave a verbal warning to the citizen and called for order. After ignored the warning, I.J. verbally and physically assaulted police officers in which neighbors of I.J were also involved, who did not allow policemen to take I.J under arrest. Herewith, they verbally and physically assaulted police officers which resulted in a number of sustained injuries from the side of the law enforcers.